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The Platform

Brad at Take Back Our Town event on opiod issues

Professional, highly trained deputies to serve

Sheriff Swain  has  worked to facilitate ongoing training and classes for all deputies, and as well as himself, to ensure a professional workforce.

Sheriff Swain has a degree in law enforcement, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Command School and Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. In 2015, he was selected to attend the National Sheriff’s Institute, one of only 30 Sheriffs from across the United States chosen.

He uses that expertise and continuing education on current issues when speaking with community groups

Efficient, cost-effective jail management

With the help of his management team, people chosen for their skills, experience and dedication, Sheriff Swain has been able to run the jail efficiently and cost effectively.  He has fulfilled a campaign promise to ensure that our jail stays within legally prescribed boundaries while providing critical programs and services to inmates.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has become a state leader in innovative  programs to address addiction and under-skilled inmates (see the Herald-Times article on January 31, 2018 about the 10-day manufacturing training program, as one example).

By using grants and not taxpayer dollars, Sheriff Swain has reduced the cost of these programs

Maximize number of deputies on the road

Ten more deputies have been added to the department as well as an animal management deputy.  Sheriff Swain has reduced administrative staff as well, and has marked staff supervisory squad cars to aid in deterring crime.

This fulfills the goal of maximizing the number of deputies on patrol to protect the public and be available to help citizens.

A new substation has been added to a section of the Clear Creek trail to provide an additional presence in the more rural areas to the south.  Sheriff Swain has added a bicycle patrol and off-road vehicle for additional parks and trail safety. He has also been able to add a K-9 unit to help with drug enforcement and other serious ca


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